Sarah Ireland Perfume

At Burley Lifestyle we are spoilt for choice with yet another Award-Winning perfume-tier. Sarah Ireland recently won the Best New Fragrance of the Year Award and we are thrilled to support Sarah with her new business. 


Sarah’s perfumes and candles are distinctive with scents of Tiger Lily, Ginger and Summer Serenades.

Perfume has been part of Sarah’s life for many years simply as a love and passion, nothing more. She has worked in quite different roles, each holding an important place in who she is. However, when Sarah moved out of the city, being surrounded by such beautiful countryside and being by the sea this had a great impact on her, Sarah wanted to engage with her surroundings more and reconnect with her creativity. Sarah claims it was a re-birth in many ways! 


Sarah never imagined she would be able to dedicate herself to something of such natural beauty. Sarah envisaged a fragrance brand of luxury but with personal touches, inspired by classical beauty, Sarah draws on her love of literature, a musical upbringing and experiences of performing, as well as people, travel, seasons, her friends, family and, of course, emotions.


Sarah uses quality materials from all over the world, hand making each perfume herself, from original concept, through many different variations, eventually to putting the completed bottle in the box. Each creation has hours of love, passion and dedication as part of its ingredients and she hopes you will enjoy creating many more memories whilst wearing it.


Working with the ethos of simple elegance which she carries with her. So many of the wonderful ingredients with which she works are stunningly beautiful on their own and it is up to Sarah to enhance them in their combinations to create an equally simple but stunningly beautiful new scent which will make the perfect perfume, candle or body oil.