Christmas is Coming

I'm not going to mention the interesting few months we've had but I think Christmas may be a little different this year.

After a bit of brain storming with a friend we came up with this...I'd like to offer my customers a little service. I know many of you have been unable to get to the shops and it seems a shame to pass all of ones fortune to Amazon. Being a small shop owner really has made me appreciate the value of supporting other small shops in the towns and villages we live in, because if we don't then we will loose the community in our towns and the high street will be no more.

It turns out that I need you more than ever and to make shopping at Burley Lifestyle worth wile for you I'm offering a Christmas wrapping and local deliver service. I'll charge a token £6 to cover costs and will deliver in a 10 mile radius of Burley/Ringwood.

I'll be using eco friendly paper and tags and will wrap them ready to sit beautifully under the Christmas tree.

Think of Burley Lifestyle when your sitting racking your brains on what to get that certain someone for Christmas. Don't forget, I have gift vouchers available too and will post these free of charge.

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