Windy Day Lamps 

Something very different and adorable. We have a selection of these gorgeous lamps in the shop now. 

I call them Windy Day lamps. A windy day has inverted the umbrella and is blowing the wired fabric skirt away. Very clever and perfect for any room.

We have this pale blue one, a music one and a natural tone one. You must come a see them, they are enchanting.

Priced at £180

85cm tall

One of each now available in the shop or

Christmas Wreaths

The order book is now open for custom made forever lasting Christmas wreaths. Beautiful silk flowers, berries and pinecones  on a bed of eucalyptus leaves. Finished with a bow  to compliment the flowers.

Stunning hung on a door, over a mirror or above the bed. You decide.

Colours choice made to order or choose one on show at the shop.

Message me to order yours as these sell out really fast.

55-60cm wide  eucalyptus wreaths from £135 

40-50cm wide pine wreaths from £85

30cm wide wicker wreaths from £45